To start walking the path there needs to be sacrifices. When we eliminate egos we sacrifice the inferior (egos) for the superior (spiritual). We need to sacrifice our selfishness and help others to walk this path as well. So the third key is helping others spiritually.

As there is said to be karmic laws, we get what we give. If we give materially for example, we get materially. You can say that the bad actions we do, we get back through karma. And the good actions we do, we get back through dharma. The dharma we need to awaken is in form of spiritual help, and in order to get we need to give.

It would be kind of strange to become a spiritual being (which this path is about) and not help others. A selfish and unloving spiritual being? Doesn’t sound right, does it? So even if we do not feel much love at first, if we progress in this work then love would develop and become stronger and helping would be more and more of a natural thing to do. True love makes us want other people to be happy. We truly care for others. There is nothing selfish about it.

This is the third and last key component for walking this path.

Here are two excerpts from Belsebuub‘s book Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom:

In the universe, nothing exists in isolation; everything is part of a system that gives and receives. If we are selfish, we isolate ourselves from this system in relation to spirituality, and therefore are cut off from the influence of giving and receiving in that sphere, of the flow of mutually beneficial spiritual strength.

There is far too much suffering in the world, and people don’t know why, nor do they know how to deal with it, or what its root causes are. People are looking for a meaning in their lives , and don’t know where to find it. People want to change, and don’t know how. Others look for something that will lead them to truth, but in vain. By passing on this information to others or by helping others to pass it on, one contributes to the understanding and spiritual advancement of individuals, and of humanity in some way.


Spreading pseudo-esoteric information and helping organisations who teach or spread it, does not bring dharma or help one to advance spiritually, because it is spreading misinformation that confuses those who are seeking the true path and it works in favour of the forces of darkness. Whoever does this receives karma instead of dharma, and does not progress spiritually, even though they may be well intentioned.