Currently there are, and have been for years, people trying to defame Belsebuub. They call him a ‘cult-leader’ and while the term ‘cult’ in its original meaning doesn’t mean anything negative, people today most likely immediately associate it with something bad. They also call him mind-controlling and that people who are practicing the techniques and practices that he teaches, are brainwashed.

I really don’t understand how what he does could be call brainwashing. I personally have read his books and practiced the techniques in them and found them really beneficial to my life. Peace and love have been a result of it. Addictions have been broken. I became much healthier from it.

Some people hear of the teachings of Belsebuub, but don’t investigate the teachings in depth because of the things that are written about him. That is really sad because they are missing out on something wonderful.

The best thing is to just see for ourselves what’s good or not. Unfortunately these disrespectful people are scaring people away from the teachings and in doing so they block potentially increased peace and love in the world. Because I know for a fact that these techniques do give you peace and love for other people. If you practice it you too will see that.

So for your own sake, if you have interest in these things, I strongly urge you to try it out. You can stop at anytime you want if you want to, there is absolutely no harm in the things taught by him, only the opposite.

Belsebuub has recently been writing about these attacks here.