This blog is dedicated to inform about the teachings of Belsebuub. The teachings are not to be taken as a belief-system, but should be used for exploration. Use it as a map instead of a belief-system. A map to what? Well, the posts will/do contain more about that, but I will explain it briefly here.

The teachings explain about the process towards the complete awakening. What is the complete awakening? In short, it is explained as the full realization of who we truly are, the permanent end of all our sufferings and the full unification with divinity, with the source from which all of creation came.

The teachings lay out how to reach to this awakening and the process to it. Because it is not a thing which happens in an instant, but is a process…

So I will blog about explanations of things regarding this internal work upon ourselves, which it is… and the techniques which are said to get us to the complete awakening, giving you the opportunity to explore the same things as I do.

This blog might also contain my own experiences of things and thoughts regarding these things and things related, depending on what I want to share.

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