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When we eliminate egos enough, we are balancing certain energy centres inside of us. I will not go into detail about it here, but Belsebuub writes about it in his books (which will be released as free downloadable eBooks in the future – currently two are downloadable).

When those centres are balanced, each centre is running on its own energy. When they are not balanced, sexual energy from the sexual centre is being stolen and it leads to polluted sexual energy (lust). So when we eliminate egos, we are saving sexual energy which is used in alchemy.

Medieval alchemy

Medieval alchemy

Alchemy is a sexual practice between a man and a woman. Normal sex leads to orgasm, wasting the sexual energy, whereas in alchemy there is no orgasm. Instead the sexual energy is used for raising the Kundalini and creating bodies in different dimensions. These bodies are needed for the higher parts of our Being to incarnate within us. This practice also strengthens the consciousness and does other things which you can read more about from Belsebuub’s writings. So there is more to say about alchemy of course (not least the practice itself), and all the other topics I have written about on this blog, and you can find that in Belsebuub’s books.

You might have read about the ‘bridal chamber’ of the ancient Gnostics; the cross of Christianity, Hinduism, Egyptian and Aztec religions; Tantrism in the East; the medieval search to transform lead into gold (the lead of the personality transformed into the gold of the Spirit) and so on. This is all said to depict the practice of alchemy.

If you have not read the about page and my previous post, I recommend you to do so before reading this post.

The Three Key Components

There are three key components which we need to put into practice in order to start walking along the esoteric path. These are called:

  1. Death
  2. Alchemy
  3. Sacrifice

I will explain them briefly here, but will go more into them in future posts.

There are different parts of our psyches which are called egos. Examples of egos are: anger, greed, lust, hate, depression, fear, worries, stress, gluttony, addictions, etc. When we walk the path towards enlightenment we eliminate these parts permanently. This is called the Death, or the inner death of the egos.

Basically our psyches consist of three main parts, which are consciousness, personality and egos. The consciousness is the core of us, the real us, the part that is aware. The personality is a vehicle for the egos and consciousness to express themselves (this is a very short explanation).

Egos keep us asleep, unaware of reality. For every ego that we eliminate, consciousness that was trapped within that ego is freed and returns to the “main consciousness” (us) with knowledge of the particular ego. This means that the more egos we eliminate, the more knowledge we get about ourselves and the more the consciousness expands and all of its qualities come forth and strengthen, such as peace and love to name a few. We awaken gradually more and more the more egos we eliminate.

When we eliminate egos we are balancing certain centres (which I will explain more about later). Then sexual energy (which is creative energy) is saved which normally is used by the egos. This energy is used in Alchemy.

Alchemy is a practice where we transmute sexual energy to create bodies in higher dimensions and raise the Kundalini in all of our bodies. This is necessary in order for the higher parts of our Being to incarnate within us.

We also need spiritual help to reach enlightenment; we cannot do it on our own. Here applies laws of giving and receiving, which means that in order to get enough spiritual help, we need to give spiritually to others. So as we help others to be able to progress on this path, we in turn are helped. This might be an obvious thing to do once we feel and develop love. There needs to be sacrifice when helping others as we sacrifice our selfish egos in order to help others and we also sacrifice egos when we eliminate them, in order for something superior (such as love and other spiritual qualities) to replace the inferior (egos).

The Path

The spiritual path towards enlightenment consists of various stages, where the three main stages are called the three mountains. To get on the path, we need to practice the three key components. There is also a probative path before the first mountain begins, which only requires the practice of eliminating our egos to start walking it.

This journey we take when we try to get on the path (probative path) and also when we are walking it (the path), consists of tests and initiations. Every test is a test upon our egos, how we act in various circumstances that are put to us by spiritual beings to see if we are reacting with egos, or if we are overcoming them.

The probative path requires only the elimination of the egos to start walking it. However, if we want to progress further we will need to work with all three key components. The probative path consists of various tests and minor initiations.

When we start climbing the first mountain by practicing all three key components, as we progress with the three keys, we will go through tests and initiations. If we pass them, we gain different things of value inside of us.

When all the three mountains are completed, we are free from the legion of egos, all parts of the Being are merged and we go into the Absolue completely awakened.

This is a very brief explanation of these things however, so keep that in mind. There are more detailed explanations regarding it.

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