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There is a website under development about astral projection. So far there is a trailer and the possibility to sign up to informational updates and to follow the developers on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is the website and  below is the trailer (nice to see in highest quality).

At one point in my life I was very depressed. It went so far that the thoughts that were the most calming for me were the thoughts of suicide. I wasn’t near committing suicide though.

I went to therapy and it was soon established that my self-esteem was low. I was recommended certain books that were supposed to increase the self-esteem if one did the practices in them.

I remember reading a comment for one of the books, where a woman told how life changing the book was for her. I started wondering how much it could change your life. That I would stop being depressed was to me at the time just a dream, something I theoretically thought that I could achieve, but it really just seemed like it in theory, that in reality it wouldn’t happen.

I started thinking, wondering how much one can change inside. How much change could one do to the experience of life?

Today I thought of how real the “techniques” and practices of Gnosis are. I’ve had ideas of the things explained in these teachings, but to experience it is really something else. These techniques really do work and I think I can’t even begin to imagine the potential that they hold. With practice I will experience it.

I remember the first time I consciously left my physical body to enter the so-called first of the nine heavens (astral). What an experience! I thought that I could do it, but here it also felt like “only theoretically, not in reality”. There I was, walking/flying consciously in another dimension. Another reality. When I read the book of self-esteem, I would never have imagined that I would do that. In this western society, how many people get taught that? Perhaps later, but then they might be convinced of it being nonsense.

Of course many who find these teachings at first will not know “the realness” of it. To experience things are really what matters; the theory is in itself worthless. It is only good in order to know what to do to get the experiences. I think many know of the old Gnostics, of “those who knew”, but few imagine that the techniques and practices to get Gnosis (knowledge through direct personal experience) are available today and that they indeed work. No matter how many people giving first hand accounts of what they have experienced, it only gets real for the individual when it is experienced personally.

I like this quote from Belsebuub:

Look, this is for ordinary people, it’s about a person self-realizing. Forget all the nonsense about becoming a spiritual figure, it’s about you and the person next to you self-realizing and being liberated from the processes of matter and nature. Self-realized people are not like the caricatures of spiritual figures that religions and fantasy has made them out to be, consciousness is neutral, and the personality remains, so you’ll appear to be the same superficially, as your personality won’t change, but you will feel very different and will perceive the world in a new way. I wish there was a strong group of self-realized individuals, such intelligent people could do so much for the world.

As I mentioned in my previous post, you are said to be able to call upon a spiritual being in the astral plane. These can teach you things to help you on your work upon yourself for example. Examples of spiritual beings that I have heard that you can call on in the astral plane is: Yeshua Ben Pandira (Jesus), Buddha, Samael Aun Weor, Rabolu, Belsebuub, etc. It needs to be individuals who have a spiritual part incarnated within them which is called the Master or Atman. This part is incarnated at the end of the first mountain, and it has its own unique name. The given examples above are the names of the Masters of the individuals.

Though as this is taught to be possible to do, you are also said to likely bump into sinister beings who will try to mislead you from the path. These teachings explain how to transform yourself into a spiritual being and every spiritual being that exists is said to have done this work, have transformed themselves into beings of light. The sinister beings are also said to have made themselves into the way they are, have transformed themselves into beings of darkness. And when you call on a Master in the astral, the sinister beings are said to sometimes come to you, trying to pretend that they are the Master and try to mislead you. I have heard stories of this and people say that sometimes it is very obvious, like the sinister being is trying to look like the Master, but fails so hard to do so. Anyway, there are recitations that one can do which are said to get rid of any sinister being. This can be used to get rid of them and also to check whether or not you are encountering a spiritual being or if it is a sinister being. As sinister beings are said to disappear when doing these recitations, the spiritual beings do not.

One recitation is called Jupiter, and you use it by placing your left hand over your solar plexus and use your right hand to shape it like a gun. So the little finger and the ring finger is closed while the middle finger and the index finger is pointing straight out, and the thumb is also straight up. So this forms the hand in the shape of a gun. You then, pointing the thumb upwards and your middle and index fingers towards the sinister being, while holding your left hand on your solar plexus, say:

In the Name of Jupiter,
Father of Gods,
I conjure you,
Te Vigos Cosilim.

Here Belsebuub says it:

You say this three times in order for full effect, and it “should” disappear after those three times, if not earlier.

The newest edition I have seen of it though is:

In the Name of Jupiter,
Father of Deities,
I expel you,
Te Vigos Cosilim.

But they probably both work just fine.

Another recitation which is not said to require anything with your hands or anything, is called Bellilin. This has a melody to it though, so you will need to listen to it here:

Here is the text:

Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin,
Amphora of salvation,
I would like to be next to you,
Materialism has no strength next to me,
Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin.

All of that is repeated three times as well for full effect. Bellilin is explained as a kind of divine astral wind which blows negativity away.

There is a page where people have shared their astral experiences with Belsebuub. You can find them here:

I have had dreams where I have felt love while being taught by someone several times, where I interpreted the individual as Belsebuub most of those times. In one interesting dream I had where I was speaking with Belsebuub, there was something very odd in that dream which I later checked in a general dream symbol guide. And the odd thing in the dream, according to that guide, would mean that it was an individual walking the path which was spreading the teaching. In the dream I was taught about awareness, how to get it right (this is only the part that I remember) and it was very much what I needed to apply in daily life to get awareness working, and it worked.

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