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Although the three key components are said to be essential for walking the esoteric path to enlightenment, there are other things which are highlighted as important too. One of these things is out-of-body experiences, particularly astral experiences. I will in this post explain information about it and share some own experiences.

As mentioned in a previous post, the seven dimensions are explained as the following:

1. Length
2. Width
3. Height
4. Time
5. Eternity
6. Causal
7. Spirit

This does not mean that there are only seven “levels” of existences in the universe though. The fifth dimension for example, here called eternity, can be divided into two main planes: the astral plane and the mental plane.

When we go to sleep we go into the astral plane. Usually, most people are not conscious of it though. If you have been practicing awareness, observing your various egos, you might have seen how much they keep you asleep, unaware of reality. They cause you to dream, to live in your own self-created fantasies. The same way you are dreaming in the astral plane, but there the dreams materialize and they become “real” to you and since you are not in the physical world, it is more difficult to wake up (become aware) in the astral plane.

There are two ways of having conscious astral experiences. One is to project directly there. This is called astral projection. Belsebuub has a whole book regarding astral travel and dreams (which is being worked on to be released as a free downloadable eBook soon), but I will explain the essentials for projecting to the astral plane. First we need to be deeply relaxed. This is important, since we need this in order for our physical body to fall asleep. We lie down comfortably, relaxing all of our muscles one by one, taking time to deeply relax our body. When we are deeply relaxed in our entire body, we concentrate our minds upon ONE thing. If we fall asleep when we have our minds concentrated, we are conscious in the astral. We can then experience our astral body splitting from the physical body and we can leave the bed and explore the astral plane.

Leaving BodyAnother way to have conscious astral experiences is to become aware when you already are in the astral plane. In order to increase the chances of this happening, we need to be more aware in our daily life here in the physical world. The more aware you are here, the more aware you will be in the astral plane. Then you will see that even though you are not fully conscious there, your dreams may become more vivid. And you will also increase the chances of waking up. Another thing that will also increase the chances, which is very much tied together with awareness, is to regularly question if you are in the physical or in the astral plane. There are different ways of checking this. One way is to pull your finger, as in the astral it is said to stretch when you do this. Another way is to jump and see if you can float or fly (it is possible in the astral plane). You can also remember how you got to the place you are now or if anything strange has happened. It is important however to genuinely question the reality, because if we are not questioning it genuinely here, we might do the same in the astral plane. We can question it without truly question it and keep thinking that we are in the physical world. Also the reality checks might not work. For example, if you pull your finger expecting it NOT to stretch, it is very possible that is does not stretch.

Even though exploring the astral plane is not a key component for walking the path, it is said to be very important, since we through it can explore life after death and other workings of reality, meet with spiritual beings and be given teachings from them and also from our own Being, and many, many other things. This will be very helpful for the work upon ourselves. Both when it comes to the will of going against the egos and also when it comes to doing it right. Through it we can gain faith (which we gain through direct experiences, this is not to confuse with belief) which will help us pushing forward in this work.

The first time I astral projected I had had quite a few astral experiences, mostly short ones, where I had woken up in the astral plane. But I thought that I would share my first astral projection.

I was in bed, concentrating, trying to project to the astral plane. I experienced vibrations in my entire body and also hearing it in my ears. This was the process of the astral body splitting and when I had split, I stood up in the room in which I was lying. It was dark and I think that I tried to turn on the lights, but in vain. I got out from my room and went up the stairs. I saw my dog and I bent down (he is not very high) to “say hello”. He was not very calm though, either he was excited or he was nervous. I decided to leave him alone. I went into another room in which I could see my mother, but she did not seem to see me. She seemed pretty unconscious. Then I thought that I would see if I could see something there which I could later check here in the physical. So I saw a letter which had a signature on it on the bottom left of the paper.

After that, I thought I would see if I could get a teaching from my divine Mother. I asked to be shown something and took a jump (which I had read that one could do) and I slowly started floating into another room. I did not control where I was floating. However after a while of floating in that room towards a wall (in the astral you “should” be able to go through objects such as walls) I woke up.

I checked in the physical world if I could see that letter with the signature on it. I could. In the astral, the letter was just lying there by itself. In the physical it was inside an envelope which I had to open to see the signature. But the astral plane is said to be outside of time for example, so things are not said to always look exactly as it does here in the physical. Things which are now moved might be seen there as not moved, for example.

This experience was very inspiring to me and gave me strength to keep going with these explorations. I have had more experiences after this one. I have also projected to the astral, exploring it, returned to my body after a while, and straight away projected back to the astral by concentrating my mind without moving. I have done this for up to 10 times in a row. I stopped because I felt like going up, but I could probably have kept doing it more. You do not need to have any “special inborn ability” to go consciously into the astral plane. I had never had these experiences nor had I ever had anything “special” or “mystical” about me. I just did the exercises that were written in Belsebuub’s book and then I managaged to do it. They are really simple ones.

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