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I have always had a personality which gets nervous around new people, and speaking in public. Usually I would not be able to calm down, but be more or less nervous long before and through the whole presentation.

One time, I was going to do a presentation in front of people in school and I was very nervous. However, this time was different, because I knew how to die to my egos, to all the negativity within. I worked extremely hard this time to be aware, observing egos and dying to them, eliminating them. Then after all the terrifying waiting, dying to the egos all the time, the presentation began. The whole day I had been dying as much as I could to my egos, and once I started speaking, still dying to my egos, I noticed how I suddenly stopped being nervous. I was very calm and could think clearly. Later my teacher would say that it was good that I was so calm during the presentation. Normally I would rush it through to get it over with, but not this time.

This was one of those “wow” moments I have had with the “death in motion”, when I have seen how effective technique it is and how it makes positive thinking be useless compared to it. It can be very powerful if it is used properly.

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