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As I mentioned in my previous post, you are said to be able to call upon a spiritual being in the astral plane. These can teach you things to help you on your work upon yourself for example. Examples of spiritual beings that I have heard that you can call on in the astral plane is: Yeshua Ben Pandira (Jesus), Buddha, Samael Aun Weor, Rabolu, Belsebuub, etc. It needs to be individuals who have a spiritual part incarnated within them which is called the Master or Atman. This part is incarnated at the end of the first mountain, and it has its own unique name. The given examples above are the names of the Masters of the individuals.

Though as this is taught to be possible to do, you are also said to likely bump into sinister beings who will try to mislead you from the path. These teachings explain how to transform yourself into a spiritual being and every spiritual being that exists is said to have done this work, have transformed themselves into beings of light. The sinister beings are also said to have made themselves into the way they are, have transformed themselves into beings of darkness. And when you call on a Master in the astral, the sinister beings are said to sometimes come to you, trying to pretend that they are the Master and try to mislead you. I have heard stories of this and people say that sometimes it is very obvious, like the sinister being is trying to look like the Master, but fails so hard to do so. Anyway, there are recitations that one can do which are said to get rid of any sinister being. This can be used to get rid of them and also to check whether or not you are encountering a spiritual being or if it is a sinister being. As sinister beings are said to disappear when doing these recitations, the spiritual beings do not.

One recitation is called Jupiter, and you use it by placing your left hand over your solar plexus and use your right hand to shape it like a gun. So the little finger and the ring finger is closed while the middle finger and the index finger is pointing straight out, and the thumb is also straight up. So this forms the hand in the shape of a gun. You then, pointing the thumb upwards and your middle and index fingers towards the sinister being, while holding your left hand on your solar plexus, say:

In the Name of Jupiter,
Father of Gods,
I conjure you,
Te Vigos Cosilim.

Here Belsebuub says it:

You say this three times in order for full effect, and it “should” disappear after those three times, if not earlier.

The newest edition I have seen of it though is:

In the Name of Jupiter,
Father of Deities,
I expel you,
Te Vigos Cosilim.

But they probably both work just fine.

Another recitation which is not said to require anything with your hands or anything, is called Bellilin. This has a melody to it though, so you will need to listen to it here:

Here is the text:

Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin,
Amphora of salvation,
I would like to be next to you,
Materialism has no strength next to me,
Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin.

All of that is repeated three times as well for full effect. Bellilin is explained as a kind of divine astral wind which blows negativity away.

There is a page where people have shared their astral experiences with Belsebuub. You can find them here:

I have had dreams where I have felt love while being taught by someone several times, where I interpreted the individual as Belsebuub most of those times. In one interesting dream I had where I was speaking with Belsebuub, there was something very odd in that dream which I later checked in a general dream symbol guide. And the odd thing in the dream, according to that guide, would mean that it was an individual walking the path which was spreading the teaching. In the dream I was taught about awareness, how to get it right (this is only the part that I remember) and it was very much what I needed to apply in daily life to get awareness working, and it worked.

Although the three key components are said to be essential for walking the esoteric path to enlightenment, there are other things which are highlighted as important too. One of these things is out-of-body experiences, particularly astral experiences. I will in this post explain information about it and share some own experiences.

As mentioned in a previous post, the seven dimensions are explained as the following:

1. Length
2. Width
3. Height
4. Time
5. Eternity
6. Causal
7. Spirit

This does not mean that there are only seven “levels” of existences in the universe though. The fifth dimension for example, here called eternity, can be divided into two main planes: the astral plane and the mental plane.

When we go to sleep we go into the astral plane. Usually, most people are not conscious of it though. If you have been practicing awareness, observing your various egos, you might have seen how much they keep you asleep, unaware of reality. They cause you to dream, to live in your own self-created fantasies. The same way you are dreaming in the astral plane, but there the dreams materialize and they become “real” to you and since you are not in the physical world, it is more difficult to wake up (become aware) in the astral plane.

There are two ways of having conscious astral experiences. One is to project directly there. This is called astral projection. Belsebuub has a whole book regarding astral travel and dreams (which is being worked on to be released as a free downloadable eBook soon), but I will explain the essentials for projecting to the astral plane. First we need to be deeply relaxed. This is important, since we need this in order for our physical body to fall asleep. We lie down comfortably, relaxing all of our muscles one by one, taking time to deeply relax our body. When we are deeply relaxed in our entire body, we concentrate our minds upon ONE thing. If we fall asleep when we have our minds concentrated, we are conscious in the astral. We can then experience our astral body splitting from the physical body and we can leave the bed and explore the astral plane.

Leaving BodyAnother way to have conscious astral experiences is to become aware when you already are in the astral plane. In order to increase the chances of this happening, we need to be more aware in our daily life here in the physical world. The more aware you are here, the more aware you will be in the astral plane. Then you will see that even though you are not fully conscious there, your dreams may become more vivid. And you will also increase the chances of waking up. Another thing that will also increase the chances, which is very much tied together with awareness, is to regularly question if you are in the physical or in the astral plane. There are different ways of checking this. One way is to pull your finger, as in the astral it is said to stretch when you do this. Another way is to jump and see if you can float or fly (it is possible in the astral plane). You can also remember how you got to the place you are now or if anything strange has happened. It is important however to genuinely question the reality, because if we are not questioning it genuinely here, we might do the same in the astral plane. We can question it without truly question it and keep thinking that we are in the physical world. Also the reality checks might not work. For example, if you pull your finger expecting it NOT to stretch, it is very possible that is does not stretch.

Even though exploring the astral plane is not a key component for walking the path, it is said to be very important, since we through it can explore life after death and other workings of reality, meet with spiritual beings and be given teachings from them and also from our own Being, and many, many other things. This will be very helpful for the work upon ourselves. Both when it comes to the will of going against the egos and also when it comes to doing it right. Through it we can gain faith (which we gain through direct experiences, this is not to confuse with belief) which will help us pushing forward in this work.

The first time I astral projected I had had quite a few astral experiences, mostly short ones, where I had woken up in the astral plane. But I thought that I would share my first astral projection.

I was in bed, concentrating, trying to project to the astral plane. I experienced vibrations in my entire body and also hearing it in my ears. This was the process of the astral body splitting and when I had split, I stood up in the room in which I was lying. It was dark and I think that I tried to turn on the lights, but in vain. I got out from my room and went up the stairs. I saw my dog and I bent down (he is not very high) to “say hello”. He was not very calm though, either he was excited or he was nervous. I decided to leave him alone. I went into another room in which I could see my mother, but she did not seem to see me. She seemed pretty unconscious. Then I thought that I would see if I could see something there which I could later check here in the physical. So I saw a letter which had a signature on it on the bottom left of the paper.

After that, I thought I would see if I could get a teaching from my divine Mother. I asked to be shown something and took a jump (which I had read that one could do) and I slowly started floating into another room. I did not control where I was floating. However after a while of floating in that room towards a wall (in the astral you “should” be able to go through objects such as walls) I woke up.

I checked in the physical world if I could see that letter with the signature on it. I could. In the astral, the letter was just lying there by itself. In the physical it was inside an envelope which I had to open to see the signature. But the astral plane is said to be outside of time for example, so things are not said to always look exactly as it does here in the physical. Things which are now moved might be seen there as not moved, for example.

This experience was very inspiring to me and gave me strength to keep going with these explorations. I have had more experiences after this one. I have also projected to the astral, exploring it, returned to my body after a while, and straight away projected back to the astral by concentrating my mind without moving. I have done this for up to 10 times in a row. I stopped because I felt like going up, but I could probably have kept doing it more. You do not need to have any “special inborn ability” to go consciously into the astral plane. I had never had these experiences nor had I ever had anything “special” or “mystical” about me. I just did the exercises that were written in Belsebuub’s book and then I managaged to do it. They are really simple ones.

To start walking the path there needs to be sacrifices. When we eliminate egos we sacrifice the inferior (egos) for the superior (spiritual). We need to sacrifice our selfishness and help others to walk this path as well. So the third key is helping others spiritually.

As there is said to be karmic laws, we get what we give. If we give materially for example, we get materially. You can say that the bad actions we do, we get back through karma. And the good actions we do, we get back through dharma. The dharma we need to awaken is in form of spiritual help, and in order to get we need to give.

It would be kind of strange to become a spiritual being (which this path is about) and not help others. A selfish and unloving spiritual being? Doesn’t sound right, does it? So even if we do not feel much love at first, if we progress in this work then love would develop and become stronger and helping would be more and more of a natural thing to do. True love makes us want other people to be happy. We truly care for others. There is nothing selfish about it.

This is the third and last key component for walking this path.

Here are two excerpts from Belsebuub‘s book Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom:

In the universe, nothing exists in isolation; everything is part of a system that gives and receives. If we are selfish, we isolate ourselves from this system in relation to spirituality, and therefore are cut off from the influence of giving and receiving in that sphere, of the flow of mutually beneficial spiritual strength.

There is far too much suffering in the world, and people don’t know why, nor do they know how to deal with it, or what its root causes are. People are looking for a meaning in their lives , and don’t know where to find it. People want to change, and don’t know how. Others look for something that will lead them to truth, but in vain. By passing on this information to others or by helping others to pass it on, one contributes to the understanding and spiritual advancement of individuals, and of humanity in some way.


Spreading pseudo-esoteric information and helping organisations who teach or spread it, does not bring dharma or help one to advance spiritually, because it is spreading misinformation that confuses those who are seeking the true path and it works in favour of the forces of darkness. Whoever does this receives karma instead of dharma, and does not progress spiritually, even though they may be well intentioned.

When we eliminate egos enough, we are balancing certain energy centres inside of us. I will not go into detail about it here, but Belsebuub writes about it in his books (which will be released as free downloadable eBooks in the future – currently two are downloadable).

When those centres are balanced, each centre is running on its own energy. When they are not balanced, sexual energy from the sexual centre is being stolen and it leads to polluted sexual energy (lust). So when we eliminate egos, we are saving sexual energy which is used in alchemy.

Medieval alchemy

Medieval alchemy

Alchemy is a sexual practice between a man and a woman. Normal sex leads to orgasm, wasting the sexual energy, whereas in alchemy there is no orgasm. Instead the sexual energy is used for raising the Kundalini and creating bodies in different dimensions. These bodies are needed for the higher parts of our Being to incarnate within us. This practice also strengthens the consciousness and does other things which you can read more about from Belsebuub’s writings. So there is more to say about alchemy of course (not least the practice itself), and all the other topics I have written about on this blog, and you can find that in Belsebuub’s books.

You might have read about the ‘bridal chamber’ of the ancient Gnostics; the cross of Christianity, Hinduism, Egyptian and Aztec religions; Tantrism in the East; the medieval search to transform lead into gold (the lead of the personality transformed into the gold of the Spirit) and so on. This is all said to depict the practice of alchemy.

Kali killing egos

Kali killing egos

Our Being is said to have many parts, as I have explained before. Two main parts are called Divine Father and Divine Mother. When we eliminate an ego, we ask our Divine Mother to eliminate it. We ask the moment we see it, without losing awareness, for its destruction. We ask mentally like “Mother, disintegrate it” or the like. The words are not really important in themselves. You can ask in whatever way you wish, though it is recommended at least at first to ask with words. But it is the intention that is important. You should investigate this, getting it right. If you do it properly, the egos should disappear from the centres by doing this. However, you might need to ask multiple times in order for it to disappear completely, depending on various things like the size of the ego and how detached from it you are. The more detached the better.

We need to ask again and again because egos are constantly manifesting in the various centres as you unquestionably will have seen if you have been seriously practicing awareness enough.

Die to your egos enough, and you might be surprised at the changes it can bring…

Archangel Michael Slaying A Demon

Archangel Michael slaying a demon

This death of the egos is said to have been depicted throughout history. You might have seen pictures of angels slaying various demons or the like. Or a knight slaying a dragon, rescuing a damsel. The goddess Kali in Hinduism killing egos. Also you might have read things in religious texts or ancient texts. Jesus for example said “watch and pray”.

This blog is not enough if you are interested in this – this blog is merely to briefly inform those interested of what is possible to explore. If you are interested you should study the teachings of Belsebuub and apply the techniques and practices in order to gain your own knowledge. This is not a belief-system, what good does a belief do? If you have any questions, you are of course free to ask.

The next post will be about the second key – sexual alchemy.

In order to practice the first key which is the death of the egos, we need learn about awareness and self-observation first.

Egos are various psychological parts that make up our subconscious. Examples: anger, fear, anxiety, greed, lust, hate, depression, worries, stress, addictions, gluttony, etc. It is because of our egos that we suffer and normally they control most of the things that we do.

Awareness is simply being aware of the present moment. It is when we are aware of what we can see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Those are the five physical senses and we can easily be aware of those (at least momentarily). Self-observation is when we are aware of our inner life of thoughts, emotions and feelings. Awareness of the physical senses and self-observation is really part of the same thing: it is being aware of what we can perceive both inside and outside of us. From now on when I speak of awareness, I am referring to having the consciousness awake, so it can perceive things both externally and internally.

Egos cause our consciousness to be asleep, keeping us very unaware of many things and that make us go through life controlled by our egos.

We need to practice awareness of the present moment as much as we can throughout our daily life, being aware of both the physical and psychological world.

Egos are manifesting in five areas, and we can spot them as they are manifesting. But the ability to see them will increase as we practice. In the beginning it might be very little that we can see. But as we practice it, staying as much as we can in the moment, observing both outer and inner world, we begin to see more and more egos.

When we do, it is very good to see that we are not the egos, but that they are outside of us. We observe the emotions, thoughts and feelings for what they are, and we are the part which observes.

The five areas are called:
Emotional centre – around solar plexus, egos can be spotted around here and in stomach and chest
Intellectual centre – thoughts
Motor centre – upper back area, egos manifesting here can cause tensions or the desire to move for example
Sexual centre – here you can spot egos of sexual lust
Instinct – This is the lower back area and is similar to the motor centre, but the egos manifesting here might be more of cases when you jump out of fear for example, more “instinctual”

When we have learned to observe egos in our daily life, we can remove them by applying the death on them. More about that in the next post.

The consciousness is the part of us which brings peace and love. When the consciousness is activated we can experience peace and love. This makes us act in such a better way, both to ourselves and others.

If you want to learn more about awareness, you should definitely read the free downloadable eBook Self-Knowledge for Spiritual Awakening by Belsebuub.

A video about awareness which I think is very good is this one:

If you have not read the about page and my previous post, I recommend you to do so before reading this post.

The Three Key Components

There are three key components which we need to put into practice in order to start walking along the esoteric path. These are called:

  1. Death
  2. Alchemy
  3. Sacrifice

I will explain them briefly here, but will go more into them in future posts.

There are different parts of our psyches which are called egos. Examples of egos are: anger, greed, lust, hate, depression, fear, worries, stress, gluttony, addictions, etc. When we walk the path towards enlightenment we eliminate these parts permanently. This is called the Death, or the inner death of the egos.

Basically our psyches consist of three main parts, which are consciousness, personality and egos. The consciousness is the core of us, the real us, the part that is aware. The personality is a vehicle for the egos and consciousness to express themselves (this is a very short explanation).

Egos keep us asleep, unaware of reality. For every ego that we eliminate, consciousness that was trapped within that ego is freed and returns to the “main consciousness” (us) with knowledge of the particular ego. This means that the more egos we eliminate, the more knowledge we get about ourselves and the more the consciousness expands and all of its qualities come forth and strengthen, such as peace and love to name a few. We awaken gradually more and more the more egos we eliminate.

When we eliminate egos we are balancing certain centres (which I will explain more about later). Then sexual energy (which is creative energy) is saved which normally is used by the egos. This energy is used in Alchemy.

Alchemy is a practice where we transmute sexual energy to create bodies in higher dimensions and raise the Kundalini in all of our bodies. This is necessary in order for the higher parts of our Being to incarnate within us.

We also need spiritual help to reach enlightenment; we cannot do it on our own. Here applies laws of giving and receiving, which means that in order to get enough spiritual help, we need to give spiritually to others. So as we help others to be able to progress on this path, we in turn are helped. This might be an obvious thing to do once we feel and develop love. There needs to be sacrifice when helping others as we sacrifice our selfish egos in order to help others and we also sacrifice egos when we eliminate them, in order for something superior (such as love and other spiritual qualities) to replace the inferior (egos).

The Path

The spiritual path towards enlightenment consists of various stages, where the three main stages are called the three mountains. To get on the path, we need to practice the three key components. There is also a probative path before the first mountain begins, which only requires the practice of eliminating our egos to start walking it.

This journey we take when we try to get on the path (probative path) and also when we are walking it (the path), consists of tests and initiations. Every test is a test upon our egos, how we act in various circumstances that are put to us by spiritual beings to see if we are reacting with egos, or if we are overcoming them.

The probative path requires only the elimination of the egos to start walking it. However, if we want to progress further we will need to work with all three key components. The probative path consists of various tests and minor initiations.

When we start climbing the first mountain by practicing all three key components, as we progress with the three keys, we will go through tests and initiations. If we pass them, we gain different things of value inside of us.

When all the three mountains are completed, we are free from the legion of egos, all parts of the Being are merged and we go into the Absolue completely awakened.

This is a very brief explanation of these things however, so keep that in mind. There are more detailed explanations regarding it.

Before reading this post I would recommend you to read the about page, so you will get a better picture of what I am talking about here.

The process of awakening could in a way (at least some aspect of it) be said to be the process of creation in reverse. So before explaining about the process of awakening, I will share the information about the process of creation. It will be a very brief explanation as there is a lot that can be said about creation, but I will tell the necessary parts in order to explain briefly about the process of awakening. If you would like to read a more detailed explanation, you can read the article The Process of Creation in the Universe and Enlightenment.

The following is taken from Belsebuub’s book Secret Knowledge, Hidden Wisdom. When the word Being is used, it refers to the totality of who we are, our total soul you can say.


Within the universe there are periods of activity and repose. Creation comes from what we call the Absolute, the omnipotent light that casts no shadows; it creates and forms an ordered process so that life can emerge.

It sends out particles of itself because of love, so that these particles can become self-aware, can have their own existence and can ultimately reside in the bliss of the Absolute, conscious of their own existence.

To do that there must be a creation for these particles to go into, because they cannot become self-aware existing only in light – the opposites are needed. The Absolute therefore, creates everything that is needed for life.

When there’s no creation in a part of the universe, darkness exists: this is the cosmic night. The Absolute brings forth life and there is a cosmic day. It sends out a ray of itself – this divides; it becomes the positive and the negative. From these two the neutral force is born and creation begins. It creates the seven dimensions and the infra-dimensions, and life erupts into the physical plane, which appears as the big bang. These take place in different parts of the universe.

Things begin from chaos and gradually, according to and order, they form the components needed for life.

Everything in the physical world is subject to time so at the end of the process, life in the physical disappears into a black hole, and there is a cosmic night in that part of the universe once again.

The seven dimensions that are created are as follows:
1. Length
2. Width
3. Height
4. Time
5. Eternity
6. Causal
7. Spirit

The Wheel of Life

The Being that comes out from the Absolute divides into various parts: male (Father), female (Mother), Spirit, soul and so on. These parts stay in the higher dimensions while a tiny spark of it, which is called the essence or consciousness (the one that we have now), goes into the physical world where it joins the wheel of life, which is called the Wheel of Samsara.

It is this essence that has the task of awakening and gradually reuniting with all the other parts of the Being, as it ascends along the esoteric path. It is here because this world has all the necessary things for it to become self-aware.

So creation took place in order for us to awaken. Our Being divided into various parts in creation, where the different parts are in different dimensions, and it is through the esoteric path that we reunite with it once again, awakened. We then reach enlightenment and have fulfilled the purpose of the creation. I will in following posts write about this process and how one is said to start walking along the esoteric path towards enlightenment. But for best information, read directly what he teaches in his books, articles, etc. Although I do my best to explain things as accurately as I can about what he teaches, there is of course the possibility of involuntarily distortion of things. Besides from that, the only way to know what is true is to get the experience (knowledge) ourselves. And that is what the various techniques and practices are said to enable us to do.

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